Here’s How to Tie a Square Lashing in Just a Few Steps

square lashing

Every prepper is going to want to know how to tie a square lashing when SHTF!

When a collapse occurs, bugging out will most likely be necessary. This means it's likely that you will need to learn how to build a shelter with materials you can find around you. This is when knowing how to properly tie a square lashing will come in handy.

You can use it to help you build the frame of your shelter to make sure it is sturdy and strong. This way you will know your shelter can withstand the elements.

If you have this skill when you have to live off the land, you can tie tree branches together to help you out in many situations. This is one skill every prepper should learn so they'll be ready when SHTF!

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  1. Michael Blosser said:

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  2. Glenn R. Stehman said:

    does anyone else own the Boy Scout manual?? these kinds of skills are all outlined