Here’s a Life Saving List as to What You NEED to Include in a Car Survival Kit

Bug out car kit

Bug out bags are often packed and stored in a closet so people can grab them quickly when they need to hustle to their bug out location. But what if you're out and about when you hear that you should be hitting the road? Then you must first go home and grab your gear before you can even consider leaving for your bug out location. So why not cut out the middleman and be prepared for automobile emergencies, as well?

If you have a car breakdown out in the middle of nowhere and have to wait for awhile for help to arrive (or if you have no phone signal and have to hoof it into town for help), it'll be great knowing that in your trunk you have a well-stocked arsenal of equipment to get you through most emergencies. Not only that but having your bug out bag ready to go at all times in your car will also get you out to your bug out location more quickly if you absolutely have to when SHTF.