Here’s a Life Saving List as to What You NEED to Include in a Car Survival Kit

Bug out car kit

Having An All-Encompassing Bug Out Bag Is The Key To Your Survival, And This Is What You'll Need In Your Bug Out Car Kit To Get Out Of Dodge ASAP.

Your car is as important to you as horses were to our ancestors. We use it to carry heavy loads, transport us and our families to nearly every destination, and it is as essential for work as it is for recreation.

So chances are, if we are going to find ourselves in a survival or bug out situation, our vehicles are going to be incredibly important to get us out alive. That said, why wouldn't we pack up a bug out bag for storage in our vehicles?

Most people have some sort of emergency gear in their vehicles to hold them over in situations like being stuck in a snow drift, going in a ditch or even running out of fuel. These things are often blankets, snacks, flashlights, and other things for short-term situations in which you're waiting for rescue.

Why not add to this gear and simply keep an all-encompassing bug out bag in your vehicle so you can just get out of Dodge exactly when you need to?

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