Have an Old Garden Hose Lying Around? Before Tossing it Out, Check Out These 17 Useful Hacks!

gardening hose

Today we dwell in a society where the norm is to discard items that we think are no longer useful.

When the object or thing has reached the end of its life, it ends up getting thrown away without a second thought. However, little do people know that not everything needs to be thrown out the moment it's deemed not useful.

Have you ever considered keeping an old gardening hose before throwing it away?

Before you even think about throwing that old garden hose away, you should really think about all the ways it can still be useful to you.

Whether you're a homesteader who needs a hose to help with your gardening or a prepper who is getting ready for SHTF, you're going to want to use every resource you've got to survive.

It may be easier just to throw things away, but if you want to prepare, recycling is key. Check out 17 ways you can use an old garden hose after the break.

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  1. Kelly Branan said:

    Spencer Schwendiman Spencer Larsen for some reason they don’t mention snake trap… #arewepreparedyet

  2. Kelly Branan said:

    Not even. They did have earwig trap and snake scarecrow. One good idea they had was a knife guard.