Before Throwing Out Used Motor Oil Check Out 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

motor oil

There are so many things that we throw away on a daily basis that in reality could be used for various survival tasks. Did you ever think that a milk carton could be used in your garden or old tires could be utilized for various tasks as well? The truth is you should think twice before throwing something away.

Believe it or not, you can repurpose motor oil. As one of the best kept secrets in the prepper world, this hack will change everything. In today's article, you will find 9 ways to repurpose motor oil and put it to good use.

What can you possibly do with motor oil? You will be impressed at a number of things that motor oil can be used for. So don't throw that old motor oil out! Instead, check out these clever hacks and get the most use out of it.

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  1. Jon Galt said:

    Put some in some sand, in a five gallon bucket. Use it to clean and oil shovels and such.