Have a Spider Bite? Try These Natural Remedies While Bugging Out to Treat It

spider on a web

Bug bites can be painful, itchy and are overall unsightly and annoying.

Among the worst of these bites are those of spiders. A spider bite can have symptoms that last for days or weeks, resulting in raised welts or a painful and itchy rash. Although most people just apply an antibacterial and some rash ointment, there are a lot of other traditional, and perhaps more successful, treatments for this common ailment.

Of course, if you get bit by a brown recluse or a black widow, you'll want to skip these steps and get straight to the hospital. These are not treatments of a potentially deadly venom. Ointments and the like work well for the common house spiders and garden spiders you are more likely encounter. Treatments are known to help with the symptoms that arise from those spider bites.

If you are fresh out of rash ointment, chances are you have more than enough medicine at your disposal for spider bites. You can learn all about them on the next page.

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