Genius DIY Guide to A/C for Your Tent

“Roughing it” is a term used for folks who like to live or recreation in an environment that ranges in levels of difficulty. If you or anyone you know has gone to an outdoor music festival in the desert (Burning Man is a perfect example) then you can get an idea of what its like. As avid campers, we enjoy the “roughing it” concept as much as the next Die Hard Survivalist. We don't seek out fancy hotels or cabins when we're vacationing in a rustic spot. No way. We pack up our backpacks with equipment necessary to get by and we hike out to the perfect spot and stake our claim in nature. Tent, sleeping bag, and some miscellaneous items for cooking, cleanup, our clothing, etc.

But we've all experienced nature when the weather is severe. During cold months, we take advantage camp fires. These help keep us warm when the layers of our clothing combined with the layers in our sleeping bag just isn't cutting it. We don't know anyone who would turn a blind eye to a fire if/when they're camping and freezing their butts off. But what about the reverse situation? When it's so painstakingly hot that you feel like your tent is a fiery furnace and you can't get any shut eye? We've experienced it. And chances are, so have you.

So why be miserable when there is a simple DIY that can fix the overwhelming heat? Camping has a few luxuries that we rarely partake in, but heck… this is one that we have ZERO problem adopting immediately. And so should you.

On page 2 we're going tell you all about how you can get A/C in your tent…..


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  1. Matthew said:

    This is a pretty unclear guide and seems to use a lot of American-oriented phrases. Like what is GOOP and “T-fitting”? Wouldn’t the filter be cut to match the diameter, not the height, of the bucket? And why say SPST when other kinds of switch would do anyway? Just call it ” on/off switch” for the benefit of other readers.