For a Successful Bug Out Plan You’ll Need…

The SHTF moment arrives. Have you considered your strategy as much as you have what to put in your bug-out bag?

You should. Consider these elements of a sensible bug out plan.

1. Have Your Equipment Ready to Bug-Out Basic supplies such as paracord, a knife, a tarp, a container, emergency food and a fire-starting device are among some of the items you should have ready to go at a moment’s notice in your 72-hour kit. You should have a bug-out bag packed and ready to go at all times, have it in an easy-to-reach place (not in the attic or under a pile of shoes in your closet) and be able to grab it and get out the door in as little time as possible. But once you get out the door, what next? Are you going to jump into your vehicle?

2. Know Your Bug-Out Route Where would you go in case of a natural disaster? Terrorist attack? Political breakdown? Knowing where you’re going will determine the possible routes (and the best possible route) you should take in case of emergency. During a flood, you’ll want to travel higher paths with no bridges or low spots. If a massive fire comes your way (one that could potentially take out an entire block), knowing your area will allow you to take detours to avoid hot spots (no pun intended). Stay tuned to local radio stations to monitor whatever situation you’re in so you’ll know where the danger lies (have an emergency radio just in case).

3. Form a Trustworthy Survival Network Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are at first thought. That friend you had in high school may become a totally different person in an emergency situation. Your cousin might not be the best choice of traveling companion, either.

4. Learn Survival Skills… and Practice Them! Knowing how to make a fire, learning to forage, and understanding the basics of water purification are great survival skills to know… if you’re going to be in the wild. But what if you’re in a constant urban setting? It’s highly possible that you’ll be in the city at least a little bit of the time – even if it’s just to scavenge for supplies.

5. Have Good People Skills This is questionably one of the most important skills you can have when bugging-out. You might be bugging-out alone. You might have a small cabin in the woods unknown to the majority of civilization. There will be like-minded people that will flee to those same woods (and may even already know of your bug-out location).

These tips are an awesome start to building a comprehensive bug-out strategy before you have to employ it.

You also should have contingency plans should one or all of your initial strategy fall apart.

To learn more about creating an iron-clad bug-out strategy, please visit Survival At Home.


  1. James Allen said:

    Stradagies have been made in my family , everyone old enough has a cpl carry permit and know how to shoot , if this country falls I feel we have a better chance then a large portion of people of this country that believes it could never happen

  2. Cliff Caro said:

    Bug out, OK cool. WHERE??? Everyone will be “bugging out” whether they blew a fortune on all the recommended gear or not. Shtf going to be a wonderful day, adios to the surplus population.