For a Successful Bug Out Plan You’ll Need…


The purpose of a “bug-out” bag and plan, is to have a ready-made kit and quickly implemented strategy that gets you to a refuge as quickly and safely as possible.

While we always focus on what needs to be in a bug-out bag, most of us do not give a lot of thought to the bug-out strategy, or if we do, we do it once and then fail to update it to an ever changing environment or circumstances.

Bugging out correctly, however, is as important as having the supplies and equipment ready at hand to do so.

That means you must have a general strategy and then contingencies for each component, should a SHTF moment render your initial plan obsolete (as in municipal authorities shutting down roads during a natural or man-made disaster, for instance.)

On the next page, we cover several aspects of bugging out that you must consider so your bug out plan will be in place.

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  1. James Allen said:

    Stradagies have been made in my family , everyone old enough has a cpl carry permit and know how to shoot , if this country falls I feel we have a better chance then a large portion of people of this country that believes it could never happen

  2. Cliff Caro said:

    Bug out, OK cool. WHERE??? Everyone will be “bugging out” whether they blew a fortune on all the recommended gear or not. Shtf going to be a wonderful day, adios to the surplus population.