Fishing the Easy Way – How to Make an Incredibly Useful Fishing Kit for Survival

fishing kit

Fishing for survival can save your life – but only if you have the right gear on hand.

Unfortunately, always carrying a full fishing kit can be bulky and take up valuable space – especially if you are in a survival situation; here is a compact kit you can carry virtually everywhere!

Step 1: Attach The Threaded PVC Adapter To The Pipe

First step is to connect the 1” PVC pipe to the threaded PVC adapter of 1”. You could either press the two materials together or glue them employing PVC cement and PVC cleaner.

Step 2: Add a Lanyard to 1” Threaded Cap

At this level, use the drill along with the drill bit to bore two evenly spaced holes in the 1” PVC threaded cap’s top.

After it is done, lace the paracord of 20” length through these holes and tie a knot.

The lanyard would help to carry the fishing kit quickly.

Step 3: Forming And Installing The Front End Plug

Make a customized cap that would fit tightly on the pipe.

Chuck a wood piece and make its diameter same as the 1” PVC pipe’s outside diameter. Shoulder it off till it gets fitted inside the pipe snugly.

After this, cut a portion of the turning to have a slight cone or rounded end. It would help your fishing line to come off in an even manner while casting.
Lastly, employ the 5 minutes epoxy for affixing to the fishing kit’s end.

Step 4: Wrap The Handle

Paracord is always a great prepping supply to have in a survival scenario so wrap some of it around the handle. This offers a solid grip to prevent the kit from slipping out from the hand.

Step 5: Add the Fishing Line

Next, bore a small hole of 1/16” in the 1” PVC pipe for adding the fishing line. Thread one end of the line through the hole and let it come out from the kit’s end.

After this, tie a small washer on the line’s end employing a stronger knot. The washer would help to fix the line on the kit and prevent it from coming out.

After this, you will have to pull the line steer to draw the washer’s end into the kit and start to wrap the fishing line around the PVC pipe. If this wrapping is done nicely, then the line would unspool exactly as it does from fishing reels while casting.

Step 6: Loading It Up

After completing the fishing kit, load up the fishing essentials or survival gear in the kit.

In a perfect scenario, you have your entire fishing kit with you and it plays a vital role in getting you food in a survival situation.

That scenario, like most of life, rarely will play out, which is why this compact do-it-yourself PVC Fishing Kit could really come in handy

To get a list of the full materials you will need to make the PVC Fishing Kit as well as some tips on how to use it and what to store in it, check out The Prepper Journal.

Featured Image via The Prepper Journal