Fishing the Easy Way – How to Make an Incredibly Useful Fishing Kit for Survival

fishing kit

Fishing is a great way to get your hands on food, be it in a survival situation, camping or even if you just happen upon a brook, pond, river or lake.

Carrying a full fishing kit, however, can be problematic, depending on the situation you are in and the terrain you are traversing.

Rods, while not thick, can be bulky and make it hard to navigate dense underbrush or forest for example.

Tackle boxes can also be bulky and are one more thing you have to have with you or carry anytime you might want to go fishing.

A great way to address both concerns is to have your own portable, small, PVC Fishing Kit – it is primitive, to be sure, but if dinner is your concern, it is more than adequate.

To see how to make a PVC Fishing Kit inexpensively and quickly, check out the next page.

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