First Aid Tips Every Survivalist Must Memorize Prior to a Collapse

baking soda on itchy skin

First aid in a survival situation is critical because of the risk of infection or an illness becoming acute if left untreated.

Here are some common first aid tips that will help you if you face a survival situation with no first aid kit or if you use up your first aid supplies.

Putting toothpaste on a sting stops the pain
Baking soda is an excellent antacid
Natural yogurt stops the irritation and clears vaginal thrush
Natural yogurt takes the heat out of sunburn
Olive oil smothers head lice killing them. Repeat after 5 days
Olive oil treats psoriasis and dry eczema preventing cracking
Duct tape will hold a large wound together until you can deal with it
Scrape stings out with an ATM card. Pinching it out puts more venom in
Sanitary towels make excellent pressure dressings
Tampons work well to plug penetrating wounds
Toothpaste applied to a blister or cold sore will dry them up
A patch of duct tape over a wart will kill it. Change patch daily.
The trace elements in homemade chicken soup does make you feel better
Sniffing onions or vapour rub causes tears which washes debris from eyes
Petroleum jelly seals grazes and stops bacteria entering the wound
A large elastic band/ hair band makes an emergency tourniquet
Sneeze into the crook of your arm to avoid contaminating your hands
Cranberry juice relieves cystitis
Never give alcohol to hypothermic patients, it will cool them more
Re-warm hypothermia victims with gentle heat and do it slowly
Don’t rub areas you suspect to be frost bitten it causes more damage
Prevent scurvy with adequate vitamin C
Prevent rickets with adequate vitamin D
Prevent spina bifida in babies with folic acid in pregnancy
Prevent anaemia with adequate iron intake. Cast iron cookware helps
Prevent bone/tooth problems with adequate calcium
Prevent pregnancy by using natural sponge as a barrier to ejaculate
Natural sponge can also be a reusable feminine hygiene product

First aid in a survival situation is an oft overlooked, but critical element to successfully making it through.

Left untreated, any number of injuries or illnesses can maim, restrict, cripple or kill you, but sometimes adequate first aid supplies are non-existent or depleted over time.

These tips can help you address many first aid issues; for more tips, please visit The Daily Sheeple.