First Aid Basics Every Survivalist Needs To Master

First aid is a crucial part of your survival preparedness, especially if you are in a SHTF moment or long-term survival situation. The most common issues that arise in either are cuts and sprains.

Knowing what to do to and how to do it when you get injured is critical to your survival. A simple cut can lead to a deadly infection and an untreated sprain can lead to long-term, chronic injury.

On their own, either can be painful and can hamper your ability to function. Left alone and untreated, in the right situation, either can be deadly, especially if you are facing a survival situation where clear thinking and functionality are key to making it out safely.

That is why it is critical that you have the tools necessary to treat your ailment and that you understand how to treat it.

The video on the next page covers both in terms of basic first aid. 


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