FDA Changes the Classification of Kratom, a Natural Pain Reliever


The fear of your kids or another loved one finding the latest recreational dug and partaking can be stressful. We get it. Even if it’s potentially safe in moderation, like marijuana, it is still a possible “starter drug” and – hey – it’s illegal (mostly)! However, there are plants out there that, while having the medicinal easing effects of cannabis for ill patients, are still up in the air as far as safety is concerned.

Many – including the FDA – consider certain drugs and plants, despite their qualities, to be dangerous and we do understand the caution.

Kratom is on that list and this is a concern for some survivalists who, after the SHTF, understand that pharmacies may become a thing of the past. In other words, Kratom can be a terrific natural pain reliever if given the opportunity to prove itself. Obviously, many disagree and there are reasons for this reaction.

After the break go over to the next page and read up on Kratom. There, you can determine if you think this is a prepper’s dream medication or merely another hazardous drug!

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  1. John Cazemiro said:

    Where can I find this stuff I’m allergic to all the codeine-based opiates and synthetics

  2. Mike Scoggins said:

    This is an old story. Unless they’ve decided to again they have already backed away from that stand once.

  3. Donny Dismang said:

    The fda. Is the biggest laughable joke next to politician’s. These thing that saves lives they ban, the thing’s that cause harm to people’s lives are a marketable asset.

  4. Bernadette Bonthuys said:

    The bark of any Willow tree is a natural pain killer. Tea made from it’s leaves can be made for immediate relief while grinding the willow bark into smaller pieces and bruised to release it’s oils. The bark has a higher potency level than the leaves. Can be carried in a small container in your bugout bag just next to the dried yarrow which will staunch blood immediately.