Essential Skills for the True Outdoorsman to Remember

man in the wild with torch flame

If a person has truly been honing their survival skills, they probably have been out in the wilderness at least a few times on camping trips. They may have also made some impressive hikes through the woods too and really enjoyed the experience, despite the hardship.

While this is a good thing, since it helps improve your survival training, you still need a certain amount of survival skills. These are abilities you may never have considered important as long as there are throw away lighters in your backpack and a nice cut of meat you brought with you from the local grocery store.

Don’t get us wrong. The fact that you have gone out and made the effort is awesome, and a good first step in becoming a true outdoorsman, but as any survivor can tell you there is so much more to learn! There are skills out there that you may not have really thought about.

Honestly, it was not that long ago when men and women really had to know and understand what it was to survive in the wild, especially when they had a spouse and children to feed! That can be a little hard to get our heads around when today we have the incredible technology right at our fingertips!

So, what exactly is it that you, a budding outdoorsman, need to know? And how can they be useful in the event of a collapse? Go check the next page and read about twenty essential skills for a true outdoorsman to remember!

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  1. Daniel Duck said:

    fact of the matter is, that no one knows what will happen or how it will go down.. you can only be ready for so much. Should you be able to think and roll on your feet../you will survive

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