20 SHTF Skills for a True Outdoorsman

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What skills will you need most when SHTF? There are actually quite a few, so there are plenty to keep you busy as you prepare for that pivotal SHTF situation. Check out the top 20 list below and start practicing.

  1. Outdoor Survival Hacks
    Just because you’re out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t improvise.
  2. Survive the Rain while Camping
    For survivalists, it’s an exciting challenge.
  3. How to Shoot
    Because being out there exposes you to many dangers.
  4. Build a Fire
    It may be elementary, but building a fire is really an essential survival skill.
  5. Tell Someone Before You Go
    Your loved ones have to know where you have gone.
  6. Staying Clean
    Human waste is one of the top sources of disease.
  7. Identifying Poisonous Plants
    An allergic reaction is the last thing you want to have out in the wild.
  8. Navigation Skills
    You can always count on the old compass and map to find your way to safety.
  9. Stay Hydrated
    As you walk, you’re using up your body fluids. Learn how to stay hydrated.
  10. Campfire without Smoke
    There are situations where you need to keep warm or cook food without anyone noticing.
  11. Hide in Plain Sight
    Humans are easy to spot in the wild; use camouflage.
  12. How to Use a Poncho
    There’s more than one way to use a poncho. Check out its survival uses.
  13. Cooking Food
  14. Make a Lantern
    Light becomes a necessity when the sun goes down in the wilderness.
  15. Tie a Square Knot
    This is one of the easiest knots to master so add it to your survival skills list.
  16. Keep Bugs Off
    Apart from the risk of getting a disease, skeeter bites can be annoyingly itchy.
  17. Weather Forecasting
    Knowing how to predict the weather can help you prepare better.
  18. Find Dry Wood
    Because it’s easier and quicker to start a fire with dry wood.
  19. Splinter Solution
    Splinters can lead to infection; you need to be able to remove them quickly.
  20. Master the Compass

Mastering these skills will not only make you better at handling yourself when SHTF, but they will also build a firm foundation upon which to grow your skill set until you become an indispensable asset to all others at the end of the world as we know it.

If you take the time to master these skills, you will also grow in character and patience, both of which are highly sought-after even today; few people can claim these virtues.

For a more extensive list of skills and links to how to learn them, read more at Survival Life.

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  1. Ernest Levesque said:

    Dakota hole fire one of the best when you don’t want to show people within miles where you are.

  2. Kev Erych Bahaturyan said:

    Not impressed with this article. I agree with Brad Krells comment, Captain Obvious must run this page.

    The Article gives extremely basic pointers, and reads more like a list of things to learn more than valuable information to memorize.

    I love most of your posts, though. Keep the quality ones comin’.