During a Collapse, a Prepper Will Only Need These 4 Antibiotics. Here’s Why:


People who are preparing for a collapse are always stockpiling a variety of supplies so they can be ready for whatever comes their way. But while preppers are busy stockpiling plenty of food, water, and tools, they shouldn't forget to include antibiotics.

Antibiotics are not only critical to a person's survival, especially if there isn't a doctor around, but it's important to know what type of antibiotics are going to be the most useful post-collapse. Also understanding when antibiotics are required in an emergency is important since not every illness will require them.

There are four primary medications that will be the most beneficial during a disaster. Chances are in one of these antibiotics don't do the trick, a person doesn't really need antibiotics at all.

Learn about which antibiotics we should stockpile and what type of illnesses they can help a person recover from on the following page. Yes, it may be challenging to stockpile certain antibiotics, but if there's a refill or extra antibiotics in the house don't dispose of them, be sure to save them!

Check out which four antibiotics we need in our stockpile and how they can protect us and loved ones from becoming more ill after the break.

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  1. Daniel Lee said:

    And pray tell where do I obtain these without a prescription ? I’ve heard that I could use fish antibiotics but has anyone ever tried it ?

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