When SHTF, a Prepper Will Only Need These 4 Antibiotics. Here’s Why:



1. Amoxicillin

Amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic used to treat many different types of infection caused by bacteria, such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, gonorrhea, and infections of the ear, nose or throat.

Since you may be living off the grid when SHTF, you will not only need food, plenty of water, and shelter, you may also need antibiotics. Having certain antibiotics is important for your survival so you can fight off any infections and keep up your energy.

On the next slide is another antibiotic that a person will need when SHTF — it fights bacteria that attacks a respiratory system and could be life-saving depending on the situation! 

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  1. Robert Whitehair said:

    Nathan Thompson is into mind numbing football and snacking and Glenn Racette…well…nice fucking$#%&!@*bro…

  2. James Hruska said:

    I’m sorry I misspelled Staph…. Don’t like taking part in these conversations ever on Fb because they almost never stay civilized or rational. They attack you if you misspelled a word and call you Dr. If you try to present a different side to the topic. If you go back to earlier comments presented it all pertains to your situation can you self treat, should you, is it something that can run it’s course, and are there medical services available. True pneumonia weakens your immune system and most often can only be treated with antibiotics. To the point I am not in support of antibiotics as the only method but in dire straits they are the most affective options we currently have when properly taken. Are they disappearing no there being prescribed much less due to the superbug theory so there not prescribed for every little thing any more. I was just taking part in the conversation to many people are quick to attack. I do also believe in herbs, plants, and alternative medicine.

  3. Buck said:

    Plus,pnuemonia strain get stronger,if what happens is a bio weapon,Id be at a loss of how to obtain the required amounts. Medicine is the biggest challege in survival. Food clothing heat shelter,all obtainable. Virus and bacteria will be the enemy you must defeat that will attack hardest. Withi three days the amount of mucus and diareahea from the sudden lifestyle change alone wil invite sickness to a taxed immune system. Ive often wondered how one would defeat this in a crashed society with absolutely no medical recourse.

  4. Glenn R. Stehman said:

    don’t forget – if you are allergic to a medication, you will still be allergic, even in an emergency. And yes, many antibiotics are OTC in other countries. Also, a drug may go by many names around the world, so be sure to check generic names, not brand names

  5. Karrie Epley Fox said:

    Go to Entirelypets.com. They are called Fish Mox Forte, Fish Flox, and Fish Zole for the 1,3,4 in the list. No prescription required and the EXACT same pill as in an adult prescription, color, number, everything.

  6. Ian Epley said:

    Wait…… the end is coming sooner than later? Are you holding out on me? 🙂

  7. Damon Daigle said:

    Where would you purchase these anti biotics without going to the doctor from and illness

  8. Dusty Lynnette Johnson said:

    A Prepper maybe better off knowing what the natural antibiotics growing in his area are and using them. Antibiotics without probiotics is setting the digestive system up for yeast or parasites.

  9. Donald Alford said:

    Antibiotics are controlled worse than pain meds. Natural,antibiotics will be in play

  10. Steve Hetz said:

    Great…but how do you prep something you can’t get without a prescription? Or is there a legal way to get these without one?

  11. Jeff Gallup said:

    Not to mention antibiotics have a shorter shelf life than many other medications. ..in fact an antibiotic that is really old can be harmful.

  12. Benjamin Boucher said:

    Google help my fish is sick! Also antibiotics last longer than one night thing. Google that also.

  13. Victor Rivero said:

    Vacuum seal any meds you want to store long term or in small limited amounts for easy distribution like a five or a ten pack

  14. Jack W Hallmark said:

    These things are only good for short-term SHTF.

    What about natural antibiotics, and how to grow / create them?

    I hear that fresh garlic cloves are an excellent source for antibiotics and sulfide compounds.

    ‘Course, I’m wise enough to realize that I might be wrong, and that the internet is the last place to find trustworthy OR factual information that could be useful.