Don’t Make These Common Deadly Water Purification Errors

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When camping and hiking, especially if we have done it for a while, we start to think we know it all. For instance, we know where that fresh water river is a couple miles up the path and we can fill our canteens with that delicious, icy cold water without fear.

While we are sure it’s a great river with good tasting water, you might think twice about drinking it before purifying it. After all, you do not know what someone is doing upstream in that water.

Sometimes even nature can throw a wrench into the works if it's in a bad mood. Get some nasty bacteria into your system you just might be in a world of hurt.

Now that it’s established that you should purify your water you might want to be certain you are doing it right. Sometimes boiling your water does not always do it.

After the break go over to the next page and we will pinpoint some common deadly water purification errors we humans make!

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    All these are true. Best thing to do is to see if there’s any oil or a sheen on the surface of the water, usually a multicolored sheen. If there is, I would not mess with it. As for water born pathogens, water generally boils at 212 degrees depending on elevation. Once your past the 160 degree mark, most organisms are dead. Boiling for 3 minutes is somewhat of a myth but if it makes you feel better about it, then do it. No harm done. Just bringing it to a boil is good enough. Proof? I’m still alive with no problems. 🙂

  2. Chris Webb said:

    I stopped at removing pesticides and herbicides, leeching hasn’t been an issue in 2 decades. Sounds like someone didn’t do their homework.

  3. Thomas Whitten said:

    I respectfully disagree. It is still very much around in many places around the country. Good that’s not where you live though.

  4. Chris Webb said:

    I’m a farmer that uses them, I know quite a bit about herbicides and pesticides, (which are mostly used in produce). Runoff is not an issue, lie to yourself all you want.

  5. Jonathan Duke said:

    Based on most water treatment plants it is. You’re already drinking water that has been pissed in and used a few million times. my degree is in waste water management.

  6. Jonathan Duke said:

    Yes specifically because of my experience drinking straight out of creeks as a kid and wanting to know how to do it in the event of a disaster.

    No water is ever 100% pure. Mock me if you want but I do know what I’m talking about.

  7. Jonathan Duke said:

    I would rather drink Mexico water vs several places I know of in the states.

  8. George Parsons said:

    building a small water still is a very good idea. stolen from duel survivor show once. turned salt water into fresh drinking water.

  9. Sean Mel said:

    Runoff is found in literally every river and tributary.

  10. Daniel Wallace said:

    i humbly disagree with your “no runoff” statement. my friends daughter lost her eye swimming in a creek contaminated by the runoff you claim doesn’t exist.

  11. Chris Webb said:

    Not buying it dude, I’ve had 90% of these chemicals directly on my skin, ur full of it…