Four Compelling Reasons Why You Should Add a Pellet Air Gun to Your Arsenal

pellet gun

Pellet guns, along with airsoft guns and BB guns, are where young shooters and outdoorsmen usually begin. They are after all easy to use, inexpensive, and remarkably durable.

As shooters age, then tend to abandon these guns and focus on larger calibers for hunting and sport at the range. It's a skill many survivalists pride themselves on — being able to handle a variety of guns so they can handle a variety of SHTF situations in the future.

However, during the collapse, a humble pellet gun may once again become a useful weapon for many preppers as they will likely depend on this small-caliber weapon to help them get food.

You might be wondering why you would rely on a pellet gun when you can purchase powerful weapons, am I right?

After the break, check out four convincing reasons why you should hold onto that old pellet gun. It may just be the solution to many of your survival needs! 

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  1. Randel Pruett said:

    I already have a good pellet rife and pistol. great for hunting small game.

  2. James M Running Wind said:

    Poly-Tip .177 Cal.
    Red-Fire pellets, I love these, I shot a shoe box sized rat one evening, in and out side shot through the ribs, the exit wound just half the size of a dime, and it was an instant done deal. Distance, 45 feet.

  3. Rod Leak said:

    Got one that looks just like that one. Won’t hit a 5 gallon bucket twice in a row at 15 yards!

  4. James M Running Wind said:

    Get a .17 Cal rifle cleaning rod set. Use it outside, use bore cleaner just in the barrel, do not get it inside the piston chamber. Bronze brush the rifling 2-3 times, cloth patch it till clean, and lightly oil the rifling. Then lightly oil the pellets.

  5. Matthew Fields said:

    This is a first-generation spring action so it is pretty loud for a pellet gun. They do make a second-generation plunger action that is quite a bit quieter.

  6. Peter Mashak said:

    I’ve known this forever. At one time, I had one of the largest collections of air rifles around. These two shown were made by an Englishman, named John Whiscombe. They are no longer in production, and I believe just over 600 were ever made. They have opposing twin Pistons which cancel out all recoil when fired. Each of mine have 4 interchangeable barrels in 4 calibers. The fit and finish is unparalleled! You can see your reflection in the bluing, it is like a black mirror. They rarely go up for sale, but when they do, the sky’s the limit on price!!

  7. John Huff said:

    RWS Diana 350 Magnum .22, a little on the heavy side, but it can do all a standard 22 LR CB can do in performance without all the noise.

  8. Mike Vaughan said:

    I’ve got one just like it, 900 fps, enough to rid the yard of many squirrels.

  9. Rolf Demmerle said:

    A Gamo whisper will garner a nice wild turkey, just gotta shoot for the head…. And a Crosman Trapmaster model 1100. Co2. Reload the shot she’ll with a .375 lead ball, deer killer….

  10. Tony Waits said:

    Jesse Ashmore , according to where you live as to whether they are undersized. For Florida that would be an average deer. So , you need to be a little better informed.

  11. Punchy Riley said:

    I have an older one, Sheridan Silver Streak in .177. Mounted a Weaver 4 power on it and it is very accurate. Also have 2 Daisy pumps in .177.

  12. Dave Boivin said:

    Simple Beeman RS1, 4×32 scope, comes with both .22 and .177 barrels. It’s all I need.

  13. Craig Sturman said:

    Silence is golden. No need to broadcast that you’re shooting squirrels, etc.

  14. Bob Wright said:

    Mine fires at 1650 fps and went thru both sides of a paint can with a steel projectile…

  15. Thomas Keneally said:

    I have four of every weapon I own. One for me and one for my wife. Two for spares or parts. We have six pellet rifles , six wrist rockets , six crossbows and six bows. This way we can hunt silently .

  16. Sam Ammerman said:

    4 get all this get. An old ** super soaker 5000 ** and fill it with fuel

  17. Todd Manahan said:

    Dave Clinton Payne I’ve been thinking about adding a hi-power air rifle and pistol to my closet…

  18. Brandon M. Roberts said:

    Thank you for the info. Very helpful. I have been purchasing pellets for a while now. I am ashamed to say I don’t practice as much as I should.

  19. Brandon M. Roberts said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but at 1200 fps or stronger, with a well placed shot, won’t that kill a human? Say like if you go for the eye, temple, or jugular?