Four Compelling Reasons Why You Should Add a Pellet Air Gun to Your Arsenal

pellet gun

Pellet guns, along with airsoft guns and BB guns, are where young shooters and outdoorsmen usually begin. They are after all easy to use, inexpensive, and remarkably durable.

As shooters age, then tend to abandon these guns and focus on larger calibers for hunting and sport at the range. It's a skill many survivalists pride themselves on — being able to handle a variety of guns so they can handle a variety of SHTF situations in the future.

However, during the collapse, a humble pellet gun may once again become a useful weapon for many preppers as they will likely depend on this small-caliber weapon to help them get food.

You might be wondering why you would rely on a pellet gun when you can purchase powerful weapons, am I right?

After the break, check out four convincing reasons why you should hold onto that old pellet gun. It may just be the solution to many of your survival needs! 

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  1. James M Running Wind said:

    I try to keep in tune with everything, but I have to take everything into the mountains. Mine unfortunately sounds like a 22 mag when it goes off.. But when the first sets of 3 shots make dime sized groups, I put it back into the case. I do it at home and the cops show up, lol.
    Glad it helps.