Check Out Survival Lilly’s Super Shelter (it’s AMAZING) and How You Can Make One Too

Lilly's super shelter

Get ready to see something amazing from our friend from Canada named Survival Lilly. She's going to show you her magnificent super shelter!

She built it with her own two hands and when it comes time to bug-out she will be living in style and comfort. She has thought of everything, including placing the shelter in an area where the winds blow in the opposite direction. This makes a lot of sense because once a fire is built, you do not want the ash and sparks to fly in your face.

Check out all the comforts of her shelter including a chair, lean-to, bed, fire-pit and even a door! It is everything a super-shelter should be and Lilly appears very proud of herself, which she should be!

As a matter of fact, Lilly might, by the end, think she can do just about anything … and you need to watch the video to understand what we mean.

Head to the second page and check out her wilderness shelter. We think you will enjoy it as much as we do!

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  1. Robert Dudley said:

    Looks pretty basic to me. Where’s the shooting ports, and other defensive parts. Why an open hut ?

  2. Richard Cannon said:

    And the so called survivalist on “Naked and Afraid” can barely put a leantoo(sic) together

  3. Martin Olsen said:

    This spring I hope I can make one half as good. There is a Turkey under this can galvanized metal is all gone.

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