Check Out Survival Lilly’s Super Shelter (it’s AMAZING) and How You Can Make One Too

Lilly's super shelter

We need to start calling her “Super Lilly” because she is so wilderness-talented and an incredible survivalist with extraordinary abilities. Take a look at this completed super shelter and you will think the moniker fits too!

We get the impression that Lilly has used this camp on more than one occasion since it was built. She has certainly hunted from it, and was inspired to build the door so she wouldn't have to worry about her pooch running off in the dead of night. This was a great idea for keeping him close. Who knows what type of creature is out and about in the wilderness!

But we love the extras she showed us, including food storage and the plastic tarp to protect against the elements. If I ever find myself alone and in the middle of the forest I would definitely want Survivor Lilly by my side!


  1. Robert Dudley said:

    Looks pretty basic to me. Where’s the shooting ports, and other defensive parts. Why an open hut ?

  2. Richard Cannon said:

    And the so called survivalist on “Naked and Afraid” can barely put a leantoo(sic) together

  3. Martin Olsen said:

    This spring I hope I can make one half as good. There is a Turkey under this can galvanized metal is all gone.