Build Yourself A Kickass Cabin For Less Than $5000



The best way to look at these homes below is to understand that you are essentially building a foundation and shell for your home. They can be as minimalist or extravagant as you'd like. They can be used for a business or for personal use. The cool thing about these arched cabins is that the builder is in the drivers seat. You can make this into whatever you want it to be. And that is pretty badass.

In our time building Arched Cabins we have seen them used for everything you can think of, including workshops, animal shelters, vacation homes, retirement homes, and hunting lodges. No matter what your need is, an Arched Cabin can be adapted to suit you. Since the interiors can be personalized for many different uses, they can be fully insulated and built out with lofts and finished interiors to be the home of your dreams, or they can be minimally insulated and finished with basic end caps to be used for an animal shelter or garage. The beauty of an Arched Cabin is in part due to our very fast build times, and that each one is an empty canvas waiting on you to finish to suit your personality and needs!

We love this concept by Arched Cabins! This family owned business has developed an incredible idea and we're stoked to see them put it all together. To read more about them and see their cabin layouts, please visit Arched Cabins here.

The idea that these cabins can be built for any purpose is pretty thrilling. If your parents are getting older, having one of these built near your home or on your property could work really well. Your parents would still maintain a sense of independence and have their own space, while you would have the peace of mind that you're nearby in the event of an emergency, and you could oversee their care. Really, the options for these Arched Cabins are limitless.

Would You Build One Of These?

Would you build one of these arched cabins? If so, what would you use it for? Where would you want to build it? Share your ideas and concepts with us -we'd love to hear from you! The comments section below is open to any and all feedback. So if you have a video or image you'd like to share as well, please feel free to do so.