Build Yourself A Kickass Cabin For Less Than $5000

In today's post we're going to show you how to build a badass cabin for less than $5000. And these things cabins look awesome, too.

When we first heard about this concept, we didn't think it was possible for the price. When you stop to think that most cars cost more than $5,000, its very difficult to imaging having a functioning home for less than what you'd spend on a pair of wheels to get you around town.

Thinking of the supplies you'd need was definitely daunting. We've been sing house prices steadily increasing over the years, but the thought of owning something outright seemed too good to be true. But was it?

We did some research, fully expecting to discover a scam. But instead we saw some very well laid out plans, cost effecting building supplies, a time forecast detailing how much time it would take you to accomplish the act of building it, etc., and we were really impressed!

On page 2 we'll show you some floorplans, the essentials and how YOU Can Build Yourself a Badass Cabin for Less Than $5000.


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