Bots Are Beginning to Take Over Campsites and Permits. Here’s Why We Should Care:

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  1. Steven Hyde said:

    It’s pathetic!
    Perhaps selling to bits isn’t the way!
    Perhaps selling to specific people requiring identification, no refundable monies and them to show up is the answer.

  2. Lee Mathis said:

    Don’t click on this . NO BS JUST DONT it’s righteous fucking pain in the$#%&!@*all they want to do is force sales down your throat so badtoy can’t read the story. Very rude and bad choice DONT OPEN IT

  3. Shane Robinson said:

    That’s why I make the bot folks camp life miserable and down right scary because most are soft suburbs and soft city folk trying to be spot grabbers so go grab ya some city folk snacks they’ll live the light on for ya lmao yup I’m that guy