Backpack Camping or Bugging Out in the Rain? Here’s How to Stay Dry and Warm!

setting up a tent

The following tips are simple tricks that will make you feel more comfortable while camping in the rain. While it may not be a joyful thought to be spending time in the rain, if you are ever caught in a downpour, you will certainly appreciate the thought behind preparation!

We like our host's attitude, how he tells us to learn to love the rain, and he’s right. What’s the point of bugging out if you’re afraid of water and plan to spend the entire time in your shelter?

His appreciation of the weather is obvious when you see him gazing out at the river, as his eyes scan the beautiful rapids, knowing they are there due to God and rain!

Follow the advice above and you will stay semi-dry and have a great time on your next trek out into the wilderness!


  1. Stacey Dickey said:

    I cant wait I love camping! I really believe that most people would if they would only be open to it.