Backpack Camping or Bugging Out in the Rain? Here’s How to Stay Dry and Warm!

setting up a tent

When it comes to camping or setting up a shelter during a bug out moment, unless you are one heck of a lucky individual, the unexpected can be your worst enemy. You may leave in the morning for your campsite and not have a fear in the world. After all, it’s bright and cheerful without a cloud in the sky. Just listen to those birds chirping!

Then, when you get to the camping area you suddenly see some dark clouds approaching overhead, and while panic may not happen right away, it's normal to start thinking about the situation and all of the gear you currently have. You may find yourself asking: How rain-proof is the tent? Do I have waterproof matches? Did I wear the right shoes and socks?

It can be a scary situation, especially if you have your family with you who is also practicing bugging out. However, with a little preparation, you'll know how to handle the rain both during camping trips and for SHTF situations.

Visit the second page and check out a helpful video. Our host will give you ten tips on how you can camp and bug out in the rain!

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  1. Stacey Dickey said:

    I cant wait I love camping! I really believe that most people would if they would only be open to it.