Backcountry Emergencies: Why Knowing How to Clean a Wound is One of the Most Vital Skills to Learn

infection on a knee

If you have never hurt yourself while out camping or during survival training we give you big congratulations and pat on the back.

We, on more than one occasion, have had scrapes, scratches, and even a sprained ankle while hiking in the wilderness. However, that may have more to do with clumsiness than a natural progression of being an outdoors woman!

But the point is, it can happen to anyone and over time probably will happen at one point or another. And, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, possibly with a friend or family member, an injury will need to be treated on the spot!

After the break, check out the next page and read up on the cleaning and care of a wound. It really is one of the most vital skills you can learn during a SHTF situation!

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  1. Sharon Burns Bilbo said:

    Befor we headed to the Bush in Alaska I made a medical kit.with pain pills and everything I could gather.still had emergency husband had to be taken out by helicopter.the boys put a SOS out and flagged a plane down.