Assembling a Remote Bunker That’ll Keep an Entire Family Save During a Disaster

Underground Shelter

Keep it clean, comfortable, and make sure there are things in place to entertain as well as sustain life. Your shelter will not serve its purpose if you find yourself going crazy during the weeks or potentially months that may follow. But where to build and how do you hide it? Check this out:

Building it:
While you might think that this remote bunker would be similar to building a bunker inside your home, but this bunker has an altogether different purpose, therefore its dynamics would be drastically different from the latter.
Firstly, this bunker should be quite big and not just function as a small room to keep you and your family locked out till things get better outside. This bunker should be spacious as you might need to spend time ranging from a few weeks to even a month or two inside it as it’s meant for the more mean disasters, which usually don’t subside within a day or two. Even if you opt for a single hall, make sure it’s big enough to have space to have a small stroll and can easily put to rest 10-15 people without cramping up the place.
While reinforcement is necessary on the walls and the roof, it’s advisable that you start building the roof 2-3 meters below ground level so that the mud and earth above you could provide you with an extra cushion and make the place more safer. While there is a lot of stuff out there on prepping foods and equipment that you might need to stay healthy down there for long periods, ensure that there is a lot of water and the sanitation is great to make the ordeal as comfortable as possible.
Hiding it:
Yes, you need to hide it from everyone passing through. It should not be visible from above the ground and there should be no sign that might lead anyone to know that a place like this exists in the first place.
Firstly, to erase signs and traces, you would need to put in the exhausts in such a manner that the emissions match the outside air at all times so no one can trace you through heat signals in times of terror or war. Secondly, the reason that the place should be built a good 2-3 meters below ground level is to eliminate radio signals emanating from any activity you do down there and not let anyone find out that there is something suspicious down there.
Thirdly comes securing the outside. The entrance should be secured through a formidable lock system but you need to make sure that no one except you can find it out. The best way to do this is to put it under a layer of something like bringing in a used dump truck half full of compost and offloading it there. Then get some wild shrubs and plants and try to plant it in a manner that makes it look as natural as possible. Wild plants neutralize suspicion to a certain extent and any “Intentional” activity that could turn out to give away your bunker’s location might be immensely dangerous.

And the last statement is always at the heart of the matter. You might have a remote bug-out location but if others know about it you may have more visitors banging at your door than what is comfortable.

Having a nice roomy place for you and yours is one thing but if you start having friends pile in soon the shelter will become a hell-hole! Too many people. Too many opinions.

Again, be careful what you say to others. And, if you and a partner are building it together and plan to have both your families move inside, keep size in mind. As American Preppers Network says, you want to be able to move around!