A Prepper Just Got Bit by a Bat. Here’s How to Treat the Bite and Prevent Infection.


Many preppers stockpile food, water, weapons, first aid kits and other useful supplies. However, it is also useful to know what to do if you find yourself in a place with bats and happen to get bit by one. Medical attention may not be available right away or it could take a while to get to a doctor. Knowing how to treat it after it happens just might help you stay healthy.

The Way To Treat A Bat Bite Is: 

Wash bites  with soap and water.
Apply pressure to stop  bleeding.
Try to figure out if the bat had rabies. The only sure way to know if an animal is infected with rabies is by finding the virus in the brain after the animal is dead. Some out of the ordinary behaviors are observable in live bats infected with rabies. They may seem docile, and won't flee from humans if they have rabies.  Even if you're not sure if the bat had rabies, it's best to go to the hospital for treatment. People who have been vaccinated for rabies will need two more injections of the vaccine.  People who have never been vaccinated will need the Human Rabies Immunoglobulin antibody and five vaccine shots.

The most important thing when you have been bitten by a bat is to determine if it had rabies. That way you can get the proper treatment. This may be hard to do during a collapse if medical attention is hard to find. That is why it is important to follow the first two steps and do all you can to prevent infection. This way you will be okay for as long as possible until you can seek further medical attention.

To learn more about treating a bat bite, visit Adventure How Stuff Works.


  1. Chris Nichols said:

    For bites, oils most commonly used is:
    Basil for snake and spider bites.
    Lavender for insect bites and itching.
    Lemon for cleaning a bite.