A Prepper Just Got Bit by a Bat. Here’s How to Treat the Bite and Prevent Infection.


If you get bit by a bat during a collapse, here is what you need to do to treat the bite and prevent any infection!

If a disruptive event or collapse occurs, chances are your power may be out for days, weeks or months. Staying in your home may not be safe. This is why every prepper has bug out supplies and knowledge about living off the land.

Depending on the type of event that occurred, you may be bugging out for quite some time. And if you're bugging out for a while this means you will likely be eating and sleeping where many animals live, eat, and hunt as well.

Bats are in more areas than people realize and getting to medical attention if you have been bit can be tricky. This is why it is a good idea to have some knowledge of how to treat a bat bite yourself until you can get the medical help you need. It may be crucial to your survival.

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  1. Chris Nichols said:

    For bites, oils most commonly used is:
    Basil for snake and spider bites.
    Lavender for insect bites and itching.
    Lemon for cleaning a bite.