9 Reasons Preppers Are Happier Than Most People in the World

happy survivalist

Sometimes survivalists get a bad reputation. Many people will tell them that they’re paranoid, or that they’re filled with pessimism or anxiety about hypotheticals. Sometimes they’re labeled “crazy,” reduced to nothing but a caricature of an old man building his bomb shelter, muttering to himself about the end of the world. We all know that stereotype.

Well, it turns out that on average, preppers that anticipate the worst are actually… happier. Yeah, you read that correctly. They’re happier.

Now, as you envision the old man building the bomb shelter, you might be asking yourself, how is this possible? How can someone that is expecting something bad to happen lead a happier life than someone who doesn’t?

Well, there are several reasons – 9 reasons, actually. Take a look on the next page to find out.

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