8 Wilderness Rules That in Reality Are Complete Myths

man standing in wilderness

When SHTF, here are eight wilderness rules that are actually not true that every prepper should know about!

As preppers, we gather not only a ton of supplies but also knowledge and skills that will help us if we have to bug out and live off the land during a disruptive event.

Many of us think we already know some basic things about the great doors about bugs, bears, berries that grow on trees, and even poisonous plants.

However, it turns out that many things we thought we knew may not be true after all. We know you are shocked right now, and we don't blame you. We couldn't believe it either.

It is important for preppers to be able to separate fact from myths so that we can stay safe. This way we can really be prepared for any situation. Knowing what is really the truth just might save your life!

To find out which wilderness rules are really not true that you may have believed were up to this point, please head to the next page.

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