7 Primitive Tools We’ll Need During the Crunch

bola weapon

In the vast majority of cases, a true doomsday event means that eventually, we will run out or not have access to traditional weaponry and in that case, primitive weaponry could be our lifesaver.

We may simply run out of ammunition or the ability to upkeep or repair a tool because of a prolonged event.

Or we might find ourselves caught unaware – say if we get lost on a wilderness trip or caught in bad weather and we lose our survival equipment, including our defense tools or our ammunition.

Or what if we were counting on being there is rendered useless – ammunition degrades or a rifle is lost or rendered completely broken.

In that case, our ability to fashion and use primitive weaponry for self-defense as well as to secure meat for the table becomes indispensable!

On the next page, we discuss primitive tools you must be familiar with before we have to use them!

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  1. Christopher Smith said:

    i have two Edged weapons I had to make handles for after the original handles Broke… The one on the left was a Sog Tactical Tomahawk that had it’s handle break halfway down its length.. I used a piece of heavy steel pipe to make a new handle… the one on the right was a cheap axe that had it’s handle break on the first use so I replaced it with a Piece of industrial steampipe & welded it onto the axe head.. that Axe has now been like that for over 25 years…

  2. Ray Drozd said:

    Sog axes and machettes are great that$#%&!@*you have on the left is from untied cutlery which is a junk brand

  3. Christopher Smith said:

    I have had a SOG machete break on me over 15 years ago.. so I never really trust the Brand…

  4. Anthony Talley said:

    Ive got a sog machete. Piece a chit! The sheath is the best thing abt it…

  5. Butch Keeling said:

    Man made all weapons from things on this planet a weapon is only limited to your imagination

  6. Michael Lessick said:

    Come on people….Have you ever even been in a fight? I’ve lived in the woods all my life and if you need something like this….then just lean over and kiss your$#%&!@*goodbye….You should not be telling people they can fight the bad-guys with wimpy weapons, because the baddies will have very good effective weapons…They will have GUNS. You should teach people how to hide and watch and stay out of fights…