6 Devices That’ll Make Moving Heavy Objects Post-Collapse Doable

lifting a heavy weight

When we need to move heavy objects in the modern era, we use some pretty impressive equipment. Cranes lift tons of building materials to the tops of skyscrapers, electric winches pull giant trucks out of snowy ditches and large flatbed trucks can carry entire houses to new foundations.

What if the entire grid were to go down tomorrow, though? Just like everything else today that requires substantial electricity or the use of fossil fuels to get anything done, it will become incredibly difficult to move heavy loads without the use of hundreds of people or beasts of burden. Difficult, but not impossible.

We will simply have to relearn the tricks that our ancestors picked up along the way in order to keep life moving without incident.

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  1. Just Aguy said:

    Nice to have a review of these items, but one is missing:

    The most important thing is to have friends. Lots of strong friends. And an alcoholic beverage.

    Barns don’t raise themselves…