5 Reasons Millennials May Be in Trouble in a Serious Emergency Situation

teenager out of gas


“Teach your children well.”

It is a phrase and a song that reaches into the minds and hearts of those of us who know that we cannot rely on our own generation to maintain the world as we know it. Generation X, the Millennials and all that come after will have to take what we started with, those of us born after WW2, and run with it once the SHTF!

But are they prepared? If they are not it is up to us to share our survival knowledge, hope they are willing to take it, and encourage those millennials who understand, who have already been taught by Baby Boomers, to embolden and lead their fellow age group.

If we believe it is every man and woman for themselves when the worst happens there may not be enough of mankind left to run this world when our time has passed!

After the break check out five (5) reasons Millennials may be in serious trouble when the SHTF!

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  1. Terry Henderson said:

    The melinials will learn fast when the$#%&!@*hits the fan, like it or not, but will save us all!

  2. Rick Shane said:

    Gotta admit that was funny, in the interest of full dislosure I do own a jeep as well.

  3. Rick Shane said:

    Lmao…me too, cause I wont feel bad double tappin them for tryin to take my steak.

  4. Rick Shane said:

    I’m not afraid of the unknown, because I feel like I am pepared for it. What is known, that scares me is that when something major goes wrong, thinking of the picture everyone has seen of the food supplies and how long they last. Everyone sayz I would never do that etc. They have obviously never been hungry. Im not concerned about this based on how much I have prepped for however if I am watching my kid starve to death, and hou have food, there is no limit to what I would do to take that from you. Now reverse that, we are the ones with the food not worrying about starving however when he snow flakes food is gone, they will change and who knows what they are capiable of. Animals are predictable humans are not and throwing something that big into the mix will change them instantly. The point is if your the guy living in a urban area sourrounded by snowflakes saying “they come here and I would shoot them” your not in the best of spots…when this happens I would rather be them than you. Lets be realistic, your in a house built of wood, wont take much to either get you out, get me in, or both. I have property a long ways away from anyone mush less the city. Just something to consider.

  5. Michelle Bonilla said:

    Because they are lazy drama queens who can’t handle it when someone says something they don’t like. They are weak.

  6. Joseph Lyles said:

    Piss off some of us are better prepares than baby boomers that can’t get over their normalcy bias.

  7. Wayne Long said:

    This generation doesn’t know how to actually work for anything. I mean physical work. Everything is done for them electronically. If they put a shovel or hammer in their hands for 10 full minutes their hands would be ruined for a week.

  8. Kevin D Stacey said:

    because they are whiny$#%&!@*dependent, idiots that cant change a lite bulb!

  9. Geoff Humphrey said:

    People are far too materialistic, worrying about taking every possible item they might need and will end up carrying a 90 lb bugout bag and when that stuff is used up they will not be able to live off the land, survival skills will the key to survival.

  10. Jarrod Ernest Sammis said:

    “This video is not to disrespect the generation.”

    “..the bystander effect is going to be magnified with this generation because not only are these to violence, but they’re pacified, they’re pussified, they’re cowards for the most part, because the anti-bullying tattle tale has created a society of people who cannot take matters into their own hands.”

    There’s a lot of tough millennials out there. Iraq, Afghanistan veterans, survivors of abuse, survivors of broken homes, survivors of economic collapse, survivors of the failed war on drugs (whether with addiction, addicted family members, gang violence, etc).

    In my opinion, this video is all-over the place and really doesn’t focus aside from millennial-bashing. Not worth the 20 minutes.

  11. Trent Long said:

    Ya think?? They have adult in classes for this generation, because the crappy schools aren’t teaching how to adult.

    I have high hopes, but they are staying off on the wrong foot. :/

  12. Trent Long said:

    Ya think?? They have adulting classes for this generation, because the crappy schools aren’t teaching how to adult.

    I have high hopes, but they are starting off on the wrong foot. :/

  13. Dave Ide said:

    Lazy and self entitled.. Figure a participation trophy is standard in the real world .. I know several that cannot change a tire or even change the wiper blades on their car .. Very sad and a rough road ahead ..

  14. Jonathan Gregory said:

    They wont know what to do without their smartphones, game system or mommy n daddy’s basement.

  15. Andrew J. Sowala said:

    When you generalize an entire group of people, you sound stupid. I mean that literally. You sound like a stupid person.

  16. Mark Peters said:

    I feel they are screwed .yes dave lazy .and feel everyone owes them .u show the next generation a fisicsl job they run .so screwed

  17. Lexi Wilmes said:

    I’m so tired of the over generalization of millenials. I’m nothing like the stereotypes that everyone has placed on ‘us’. I know how to fish, build a campfire using next to nothing, I’ve made a point to begin learning how to live off the land.

    Maybe they need to split up the generations better. I’ve seen older folks who can’t put down their phones or watch the news 24 hours a day.

    Every generation has thought negatively about the next. Blah blah.

  18. Janos Nagy said:

    They sure will be in trouble .need to learn the depression era ways ond the farm life .