4 Things Grandpa Did to Make His Tools Last a Lot Longer


Just about everyone seems to have had a father or grandfather that kept their tools in pristine shape and thus were always ready to use.

Every tool seemed to have a place, was rust free, well oiled and ready when you needed it.

And because they were well maintained, they seemed to last forever.

Proper maintenance of tools and equipment is always important, but even more so if you are preparing for a survival situation.

You do not know what tools or equipment you will need in a survival environment, but it is a given you will have the need for some.

So what was the secret for keeping tools in good condition?

The answer is to maintain them regularly and we show you some tips on how to do that on the next page.

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  1. Thomas Donahue said:

    A trick i learned through silversmithing. Dampen a cloth with lighter fluid and then rub it into a tin of old-fashioned solid floor wax. Apply to any steel tools and allow to dry. Buff away any excess with a dry cloth to leave a durable film that prevents corrosion. Also works great on sterling silver to prevent dark patina on jewelry.

  2. Erik Stanger said:

    First, BUY QUALITY TOOLS. Boiled linseed oil for wood handles, light lubricant oil or turpentine for forged metal. Your hand tools will be working long after you’re gone in your great great grand children’s hands.

  3. Gennero Di Marzi said:

    Best way to make your tools last for long is to make sure nobody else but you use it 🙂

  4. David Lyons said:

    Very true. Best to start off with a quality tool. I still remember my grandfather having a large barrel with sand and oil mixed in. When finished with his shovel, he would put it in this barrel. The shovel kept a good edge and never rusted.