3 Animals That Could Do More Harm Than Good if Eaten When SHTF


If you ever end up in an emergency situation or lost in a strange remote area, you may find yourself wondering about the food situation, especially if you're not sure what to look for.

Every survivalist needs to learn more about the animals and food sources in their immediate area. They need to learn about what is edible and what isn't so edible.

There are some foods that may be edible, but that doesn't mean it's something you want to eat.

We're about to list 3 animals that you don't want to eat during survival situations and why should avoid eating them.

You can view the entire list on the next page! These are very surprising, but it makes sense why these animals may not be the best food sources! 

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  1. Mike Brust said:

    How many times are you going to post this damn crap article? Click bait! I’m done with your page! Unfollowing….by the way…change your name so it has to do with prepping instead of homesteading.

  2. Karl Ginn said:

    This is stupid…all 3 of these animals would most likely be cough by snares, dead fall traps, limb lines, ect…. they require all most no calories to catch in this Manor and give u time to find other resources….whoever wrote this doesn’t know their$#%&!@*from a hole in the ground.

  3. Dale Knipper said:

    What an utterly stupid article. Post one more this irrelevant, and I will be unfollowing this group.

  4. Alex Thompson said:

    I have to highly disagree, I will stick with the knowledge that was passed down from those who lived through the great depression

  5. Dan Commando said:

    Lol, I’ll keep eating whatever the hell i can get my hands on if I’m hungry, I’ll worry about he calories later.

  6. Lance Hoyl said:

    The only animal reptile did you cannot eat his one duck-billed platypus whose flesh is poisonous

  7. Ken Huckeba said:

    Hogs, they breed fast, eat anything, and taste great.

    I do wonder why this article doesn’t talk about how fast one would starve to death on a vegan diet…

  8. Bob Dunn said:

    Sorry – if I’m out in the wilderness and all there is to eat are squirrels,rabbits and fish, I’m eating ! I’m not going to be calorie counting, while burning calories to go scrounging around for a vegetarian diet !

  9. Perry Ross said:

    Exactly. These wannabe “prepper” people spend thousands on food storage and such but do not even know how to hunt,trap grow a garden etc. Skills are far more important then items.

  10. Jeff Kew said:

    This is bullshit. These three are part of a good diet.

  11. Ronnie Gray said:

    Lol I will eat blue guilty in the wild but I would clean it and roast it over fire I love big blue gill .

  12. Billy Scott said:

    Yeah don’t eat them on a survival situation! Most absurd bullshit I’ve ever read!

  13. Derek De La Rosa said:

    Problem with this is the body does not require 2000 calories a day. Yes it is needed for a long term diet but if you are trying to survive then any food expecially protein help your chance of survival

  14. Al Lopes said:

    Silly article. You eat anything you can in a survival situation. As for rabbits, split the skull and eat the brains and eyes along with the meat.

  15. Robert Henry said:

    Most people know about the rabbits. That’s why if you catch a rabbit, in a survival situation, you’re supposed to eat stuff like the eyes and other areas of fat. As for the other items, better than nothing. Not sure I really agree with this post

  16. Clifford Lester said:

    This site is so full of BS. It’s pretty much a given that anything published here is done from a seriously narrow point of view. Don’t take information from this site to seriously when it comes to survival.

  17. Paul L. Papke said:

    You can’t live on this stuff, if that’s all you eat! But add some rice, potatoes, fruits or vegetables and you are set for life! Even the natives and early settlers had something they were able to eat with these meats to make a better balanced diet! If you have knowledge of the outdoors, there are many things to eat that grow naturally, but, it’s much better if you can manage a garden or have canned food or dried beans!

  18. Ian D Thoen said:

    This is ridiculous. Counting calories in a survival situation. Must have been wrote by a bodybuilder

  19. David Godwin said:

    i have eaten them all my life as part of a balanced diet,so these wild animals and fish can be a great help in a survival situation if you have a garden. if no garden canned veggies and fruits will do fine.

  20. Russ Lamkin said:

    rabbit, squirells and fish will do u more harm than no food at all because they have few calories….. ? who writes this bullshit?