15 Different Kinds of Trees That Should NEVER be in a Person’s Front or Backyard


We always have it in our heads that nature is our friend and we should never fear it. That’s a nice thing to say to an eight-year-old kid, especially when you are out camping with him or her and you want to keep the night frights away. But sadly, it is not always true.

Trust me, you will learn to fear nature real quick when a bear starts to rummage around your campsite or when the mosquitoes decide it is time to make lunch out of your arms, legs, and areas better left unmentioned. But it is not just wildlife or insects that can turn an outdoorsman into an annoyed or terrified camper.

There are some trees that really do not like us either. Maybe they are tired of deforestation or they just are not in a great mood, but some trees – not all – just have it out for us humans!

Over on the next page go take a look at fifteen (15) different kinds of trees that should never be in a person’s front or backyard!

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