14 OTC Medications You Should Have In Your Bug-Out-Bag


Just about everyone has a medicine closet or cabinet that has basic over the counter medications. What, though, will you do if we face a prolonged survival situation? Here are 14 over the counter medications  you should stock up on.

Acetaminophen – pain relief and fever reduction, many times used for dental pain, menstrual cramps
Naproxen sodium – long-acting for pain relief and fever reduction
Extra Strength Excedrin – Great for migraine relief
Diphenhydramine hydrochloride – commonly known as Benadryl, an antihistamine – helps allergic reactions, bee stings, etc.
Loperamide HCl – Imodium anti-diarrhea medication
Bismuth Subsalicylate – commonly known as Pepto-Bismol – good for stomach upset and anti-diarrhea medication
Benzocaine – this one is for the ladies, commonly known as Vagisil, relieves feminine itching and burning
VaporRub – such as Vicks. Vapors help relieve coughing due to common cold. Can also relieve minor muscles aches and pains when rubbed on sore spot.
Cold/Flu Remedies – these could include cough syrup, cough drops, Dayquil/Nyquil and the like.
Liquid Bandage – also known as New Skin, handy for sealing up a cut in place of or in addition to band aids
Medicated First Aid Spray – to protect sooth cuts, scraps, sun burn.
Hydrogen Peroxide – to clean out wounds
Isopropyl Alcohol – to clean out wounds, but it will sting
Sambucus Black Elder Berry Extract – natural remedy for flu symptoms

Over the counter medications, like the list here are a critical element to any prepared survival kit or bug-out bag.

The question is how much of each should you have and as a rule, I generally try and have about a year's supply and rotate medications out as they pass their effective date.

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