14 OTC Medications You Should Have In Your Bug-Out-Bag

We all have a list of stuff that we know must be included in our bug-out bag. Those things include stuff to build shelters, navigate, catch food and much more.

What many overlook, however, are simple over-the-counter medications that not only will make your survival existence easier, they could actually save your life.

Just about everyone has the basics: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, antibacterial ointment, etc., but there are a lot of basic over the counter medications that many do not realize they should have in stock until they need them.

They will be used for everything from upset stomachs to treating bee stings to ensuring a simple scratch or cut does not become infected. While not having all of them is not lethal, it can lead to your existence being very uncomfortable, which affects morale as well as health.

On the next page, we discuss the basic items you must have as part of your survival kit or bug-out bag.


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