10 Kitchen Hacks You Will LOVE!


No more stale dry cookies! Check out this hack below:

Keep your cookies moist with an apple wedge.

Keep your cookies moist with an apple wedge.
Nothing’s tastier than deliciously moist cookies right out of the oven. And nothing’s more distressing than those same cookies not being half as moist or delicious a few days later. If you bake cookies in large batches, you don’t want to have to eat through them all in a few days, though. You want to make them last. Instead of putting them in the cookie jar, try storing them in Tupperware along with an apple wedge. The cookies will draw in moisture from the apple wedge and will keep a lot longer this way. If you are storing them for a while, you can always replace the apple wedge with a new one.

Replace ice cubes with frozen fruit in drinks.

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Serving up some drinks with your meal? Instead of adding ice, think about adding frozen strawberries or grapes or other fruit pieces. They will subtly change the flavor of the drink, so it may take some experimenting to figure out what you like. A lot of people enjoy frozen grapes in white wine for example. Why is this an awesome idea? Frozen fruit cools down your drink without watering it down, and at the end, you can eat the fruit.

Freeze leftover vegetable juice and broth

One thing that professional restaurant workers learn quickly on the job is the importance of not wasting food. How many times do you dice up tomatoes and pour the excess juice down the drain? Here’s a handy trick—freeze it instead. Get an ice cube tray and pour in excess juice from fruits and vegetables. You can also freeze leftover broth this way instead of letting it go to waste. When you need some extra fruit or vegetable juice or broth for a soup or stew, you will have it handy! Never forget that there is almost nothing that you can’t freeze. Have leftover vegetable bits? Even parts like onion stem ends and carrot tops are useful. They are great for flavoring soups.

Naturally flavored water

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Don’t like the taste of pure water? No need to feel ashamed—a lot of people don’t. You shouldn’t let that stop you from staying hydrated, though, especially during the hot summer months. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy “flavored water” drinks from the store that are loaded with sugar and weird additives you’ve never heard of! There is a healthier, more delicious way to enjoy water!

You can make flavored water really easily! Just get your favorite fresh fruit and put it in a jar with ice and water. The fruit flavor will diffuse into the water. You can also stir in herbs for extra flavor. It’s like fruit juice, but less expensive, with all the hydrating goodness of water and less sugar. You can eat the fruit when you’re done too. Have fun coming up with recipes for flavored water—it’s like mixing sangria (minus the alcohol of course). There are endless flavor possibilities.

Is that baking soda or baking powder still good to use? Find out fast.

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Getting ready to bake? Using old baking soda or baking powder that is no longer effective is a good way to ruin your recipe and waste a lot of time and ingredients. You don’t have to guess though! You can easily test the effectiveness of your baking powder or soda before you start cooking.

To test baking powder, just mix a teaspoon into half a cup of hot water. Does it bubble? Awesome, your baking powder is good to use! If not, replace it before you get started. And what about baking soda? Mix a quarter of a teaspoon into 2 teaspoons of vinegar. Once again, you should immediately see bubbling. If you don’t, the baking soda is no longer effective. Baking soda is rarely labeled with an expiration date, so this is super helpful to know!


I can't even begin to tell you how many boxes of baking soda I have piled up in my refrigerator. It's kind of ridiculous. I try to remember to write the date on them with a sharpie but I often forget to and then, well… I end up with 7. What do you do with your baking soda?

I wonder how the people at DIY n Crafts even came up with these! I feel like I'm a pretty resourceful person, but this tops my scale for usability and creativity. If you'd like to read more hacks or catch some tips on organization and more, check them out! They are an excellent resource for survivalists and preppers! *does happy dance*