You’ve Been Splitting Kindling Wrong This Entire Time But Not Any More…

wood chop

Splitting firewood is an important skill to practice over and over again. Despite the apparent simplicity of the action of log splitting, it can be quite difficult to put into practice.

Logs that aren’t sawed at a perfect angle can be lopsided on the chopping block, making the danger of the ax head swinging wild upon contact a very real possibility.

And if you are out in the wilderness with nothing but an ax or a hatchet to depend on, then having a straight log to stand up for splitting is an absolute impossibility.

To reduce the risk of ricochet and to make your life a whole heck of a lot easier, you should practice the splitting method known as contact splitting.

After all, the last thing you want is to be getting some kindling ready for the fire and to end the pleasant experience of a bonfire with the family with an ax head buried in your leg.

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  1. Nicholas Brown said:

    Less work and easier..Use the back of your hatchet to put a 3 inch by 2ft into the ground about 6 inches or so.. lay the log youre splitting down with one butt against your post and just pop it from the side on the ground or elevated

  2. Jeff Ovington said:

    May I point out..
    Most important.. Stay away from Dept Store made in China Crap..
    Spend the money, Get yourself an Ox, HB, Wetterling, Husqvarna are made by Wetterling.
    World of difference..
    Yeah you spend the money, but true to the word of survival..
    Only the strongest fittest and smartest will survive.