You’re Living Off the Grid When a Brown Recluse Spider Bites You. Here’s How to Treat it Before it’s Too Late.

brown recluse spider

People everywhere fear spiders for a good reason. It's likely because of their scary legs, eyes, and intricate webs that they put together to catch their prey.

If you ask a survivalist why they dislike and are afraid of spiders, they'll tell you it's something more, however. The truth is most people don't want to get bit by a venomous spider, especially when they're bugging out.

Most spiders are harmless, but there are a few that can cause grave discomfort if they were to bite you. Luckily the average spider bite is only as painful as a mosquito bite that tends only to get itchy until it heals.

For every spider that won't harm you, there are the few that will and one of those spiders happen to be a brown recluse spider. This spider makes even the bravest of preppers squirm when they stop to think about this creepy crawly venomous spider.

In fact, if you were to get bit by a brown recluse you would need to head to the hospital.

However, what if you were living off the grid, bugging out, or going through a SHTF moment and there was no emergency care available?

After the break, read up on what steps you must take if you get bit by a brown recluse spider when you're living off the grid. If there aren't any hospitals near you don't panic just yet — instead memorize these survival tips so you'll know how to handle a brown recluse bite later. 

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Everyone reacts differently to their bites. I get the usual blistering and caveated dead flesh. But I found the best thing is to use a vacuum pump to pull the toxin out. The toxin travels slow and destroys the flesh in humans. After that a hot salt bath will further clean the wound. But I am not a doctor. thats just what I have done the last 3 times. It may not work for you.

  2. Darrell Patterson said:

    I was plumbing under a old house in minneola and got bit by one ….not having any time to stop my job. I took a spoon out of my lunch bucket turned it cherry red and burnt the piss out of it. Killed the poison deal with the blister …..burn but I’ve sewed myself up too

    • nick said:

      yea too many adds. I have recluse here. house was infested. I use sticky traps and hardly see any in the house now. would like to know what it says to do in the event of a bite besides hospital though. Darrell…..Minneola, Ks?????

  3. Ron Smith said:

    If you can make it to the stores to buy all the crap listed then you can probably make it to the emergency room—-just sayin..

  4. Tommy Kennedy said:

    It hurts like Hell to be bit by them .I was bit 2 times in 1984 . I have never had anything hurt worse than that .And I have been through a lot of pain in my life time.

  5. Paul Micola said:

    Just cause live of the grid does mean that you don’t have power how to they come to this conclusion

  6. Marty Jr Surdam said:

    Clay is the active ingredient here… It drawls the poison out. Plantian would work as well… Add some colloidal Silver and small amount of alcohol to sterilize the clay (cat litter)

  7. Tony Clapier said:

    some years ago I read a great article on electro shock treatment of bites a car is actually more than is necessary but usually the most available. I’ve used it on bees wasps rattlesnake it works!

  8. Mike Ross said:

    Will the health food store still be there when the shtf?

  9. Robert Dewayne Ennis said:

    So like, has anyone ever tried using bentonite clay on the bites? I wonder how well that would work?

  10. Oscar Eugene Hedden said:

    My brother was bitten and would have died had he not been taken to a hospital where he stayed several days receiving blood transfusions.They effect different people differently.I have seen others that had been bitten and the symptoms weren’t as severe although they still looked as though a rattler had bit them

  11. Walt West said:

    yup ..same as cottonmouth or water moccasin.. if something not underlying already in most folk both snake bites are not usually fatal .. every the same .. but different levels at different times .. same with any venom .. and then some venom will kill your$#%&[email protected]*no matter how healthy .. go get treatment .. fast all i am sayin.. but if a doctor starts treating like an infection or bacteria in the wound.. after he saves your life .. let him know that you got it from here ,

  12. Walt West said:

    .. as most cases like this treated that way fail to understand it is still not a infection or bacteria problem now … or ever was .. basil and lavender folks for brown recluse .. no bullshit about it .. either way

  13. Walt West said:

    crap I mixed it up for my doctor .. cool thing is .. now.. I am one patient that he listens to and not just nods his head to ..lmao

  14. Arthur Kelley Jr. said:

    My 30 yrs. old son was bitten about a year ago on his back, first we thought it was just a boil, we took him to the Dr. and he said Brown Recluse, he gave him some anti-bot cream to put on it and it did heal, but left a scar, looks like bullet hole…

  15. Donna Tremblay Morin said:

    My uncle Ralph Kisselburg from North Carolina was well known for treating brown recluse bites, hence the nickname “Doc” . He learned from the Cherokee how to make a poultice from the wild hydrangea (seven bark) and treated hundreds of people over the years, including a horse . My father was one of the people he treated, and still has the scar on his leg. I would try this before anything else.

  16. Naomi Donnelly said:

    Rubbish – I lived in Alabama and got bitten twice by these as a teenager – yes, they were nasty bites and itched for a good couple of weeks but no medical treatment was required, I certainly didn’t have to go to hospital!

  17. Frank Amaro said:

    I live in N,M I have all so bin bitten twice just. Regular medical treatment. No hospital

  18. Deidre Davis said:

    The best home remedy for spider bites is one that comes from Indians , pulverize a Mother n Laws Tongue plant leaf also called Sansifirous and apply to the bite , keeps the flesh from rotting to

  19. Libby Home said:

    Equal parts: egg whites, honey, salt. Supposed to draw out poison from bites. I’ve used this recipe on bites and it works, but haven’t had brown recluse bite.

  20. Zoi Gauna said:

    Very rarely do bites tun into the horrible wounds media is always going on about. Then again 80% of the time the people were never bitten by a brown recluse to begin with. For some reason people think tge violin markingbis 100% proof it’s a recluse which is extremely false and very ignorant. ( if they even see the ‘spider’ that bit them to begin with)

  21. Joseph Christopher said:

    One got me in Tarrant County . Messed my nerves up and screwed with my vision. I ain’t dead ….

  22. Christina Winton said:

    I’ve used activated charcoal on a brown recluse bite, just kept changing it for a couple of days. When my son was bitten they just gave him prescription strength antibiotic cream, it doesn’t always rot the flesh out. Clean it, disinfect it, and use what you can. I’ve been bitten twice, my son once.

  23. Zoi Gauna said:

    Can’t tell if you’re serious or joking Curtis Thompson. If joking, then very funny. If serious, then you should really do some research.

  24. Ilash Vyper said:

    8 times for me now with the Brown Recluse. 3 times with the Black Widow. Activated Charcoal on the bite, dampen the ACTIVATED Charcoal, place it on the would, change it a few times each day. Usually takes less than a week. This last recent bite from a Black Widow was one NASTY bite. I actually started to lose faith in the charcoal. It took about 4 weeks to finally heal. Had a bb sized black hole that didn’t want to heal, but luckily it did.

  25. Douglas Brant said:

    Everyone gets affected differently by these bites – we have them everywhere on the lake in Tennessee where I live