You’re Living Off the Grid When a Brown Recluse Spider Bites You. Here’s How to Treat it Before it’s Too Late.

brown recluse spider

People everywhere fear spiders for a good reason. It's likely because of their scary legs, eyes, and intricate webs that they put together to catch their prey.

If you ask a survivalist why they dislike and are afraid of spiders, they'll tell you it's something more, however. The truth is most people don't want to get bit by a venomous spider, especially when they're bugging out.

Most spiders are harmless, but there are a few that can cause grave discomfort if they were to bite you. Luckily the average spider bite is only as painful as a mosquito bite that tends only to get itchy until it heals.

For every spider that won't harm you, there are the few that will and one of those spiders happen to be a brown recluse spider. This spider makes even the bravest of preppers squirm when they stop to think about this creepy crawly venomous spider.

In fact, if you were to get bit by a brown recluse you would need to head to the hospital.

However, what if you were living off the grid, bugging out, or going through a SHTF moment and there was no emergency care available?

After the break, read up on what steps you must take if you get bit by a brown recluse spider when you're living off the grid. If there aren't any hospitals near you don't panic just yet — instead memorize these survival tips so you'll know how to handle a brown recluse bite later. 

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  1. Ken Vought said:

    Click bait as usual. You could easily fit that text on one page!

  2. Stephanie Bogan said:

    We lived in a house infested with them (on post wen my husband was military ) cook’s came from 2 states away to study it, it was so bad.
    I put out fresh glue traps each night and each morning, there were dozens. I had to check everything a towel hanger rod in the bathroom baby inside it pulling back the blankets or sheets on a made bed they be inside that every box every little thing you could imagine when you could hide it they’d be inside
    Here’s some things I learned,

  3. Robert Weber III said:

    Really, activated charcoal an bentonite clay. My popz first sufe got bit by a recluse on her leg, put vinegar on it boom, nsutralised the acid. So id assume thinkin in terms of ph neutralization would work as well.

  4. Vance McFarland said:

    Funny how this is supposed to be informative for a survival situation when “the grid goes down” but everything you need to treat the bite requires you to run to the grocery store. Lol what a joke

  5. Casey Stowe said:

    What fucking fool wrote this? And where in the hell did they get their info?

  6. Saralou Pedigo said:

    Article contains good advice.

    If you can arc electricity (6 V is good, no higher) across the bite, all the way around the bite, you can neutralize the toxic protein. Use the charcoal and clay in addition to the electricity.

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