You’re Bugging Out and Have a Tooth Emergency. Here’s How to Deal With it During SHTF.

dental surgery instruments

Bugging out has a whole host of problems, from the lack of resources to the loss of everyday comforts. One of the comforts that many people don't often think about will be the lack of dental offices and educated dentists performing their trade in a SHTF world.

It may not sound like that big of a problem, but when you consider the fact that the biggest cause for suicide before dentistry became an established field of study was tooth pain (people still commit suicide today because of oral health problems), the threat of cavities becomes all the more looming.

When you're in pain, you'll want to relieve that pain as effectively as possible, and when the professional aid of a dentist is in short supply, you're going to have to fix this problem yourself. What else is new?

To stockpile the tools you'll need, take a look at the dental survival kit on the next page.

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  1. Michael Lee Mosby said:

    Tooth issues are a very serious concern and can be potentially fatal. This should be a major prepping consideration.

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