Your Bug-Out-Bag NEEDS to Have THESE Items

Most survivalist are very familiar with the term Bug-Out-Bag. But for those of you who are imagining a bag filled with bugs, you can relax. A Bug-Out-Bag is a bag of survivalist essentials that you can pack up and take with you in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, zombie Apocalypse (if you believe in those) or any ad-hoc crazy situations life throws your way that require a person to be prepared.

A lot of survivalists will stock up their garage, basement, attic, pantry – essentially any place that has a large space. And while we 100% encourage and endorse that you do that, we also want you to be equipped with a “travel sized” option as well. In case you are not at home, or your home is an unsafe place to be (that is, if the tornado hasn't completely destroyed or relocated your home), it's always good to have something you can take with you in your car, or worst case, on foot.

On page 2, we will provide you with a list of VITAL must-haves for your Bug-Out-Bag.


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