You Just Got Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s How to Effectively Treat it When SHTF.

brown recluse spider

Spiders are one of the greatest fears throughout the world. This may be due to how they walk, the precision with which they build their webs or their many eyes. When you ask most people, though, they are afraid of spiders because of their bites.

In reality, very few spiders throughout the world are in any way dangerous to humans. Although almost all spiders can bite, nearly all of them are about as painful as a mosquito bite.

However, there are a few that will give even the most unsqueamish person pause. The brown recluse is one of them. When bitten by a brown recluse, most people will make an immediate trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, if you're in a bugout situation that may not be an option.

What should you do if you need to treat a brown recluse bite? Take a look at the advice on the next page to find out.

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  1. Daniel Crouse said:

    I got bit and didn’t know till 3 days later at the bit the skin started rotting and got infection it’s no fun was sick for while

  2. John Green said:

    There is a weed in your yard called plantain. Draw out the poison by crushing up the weed and rub a KY jelly paste and rub it in the bite. Next finish the project in the garage you started last week. Your not getting any younger!

  3. Joey Terry said:

    should ALWAYS keep a bottle of Campho-Phenique in bugout bag or when you are hiking/camping!

  4. Wade Angie Scott said:

    I’ve been bit by brown recluse spiders several times and I know for sure this works: put a little dab of crisco (lard) on top of the bite and cover with a bandaid. Leave it there a few hours. Then, take a sterile needle and pop the blister, catching ALL the poison in a tissue (be careful it doesn’t touch other parts of your body). Re-apply crisco and repeat until blisters quit forming.. This also works for splinters, etc.. The crisco draws the bad stuff to the surface. I hope you never have to worry about it but if you do, this is very easy, and takes away the throbbing pain really fast.. An x-marine told me about it, it really does work…

  5. Wade Angie Scott said:

    When I was bitten on my arm, I felt it immediately.. When I was bit on my hands, I knew it within a day… It’s probably likely that a brown recluse didn’t cause the spot on your leg..

  6. Wade Angie Scott said:

    How Long did it take to turn black? Mine always made blisters. Then I treated them and they didn’t do damage.

  7. Wade Angie Scott said:

    I respectfully disagree… These bites throb in pain not Long after they bite. The only time I went to the dr about one was the first time. That’s the only one that left a scar. All the other times, I put crisco on it and it never caused damage. The pain was gone in a few hours and it was healed within a day. Where’s the dr gave me steroids, antibiotics, and an antihistamine and took a week to heal – then tried to come back – which is when I put crisco on it and it healed completely.

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