Why Using a Tampon as a First Aid Backup for Serious Bleeding is a BAD Idea

hand holding tampon

Among many preppers, there is a lot of talk of using “improvised” methods for everything including building weapons, starting fires and attaining clean drinking water.

One of the most common areas for this improvisation is the area of practicing first aid. While it may sometimes be necessary to put into practice improvised methods to attempt survival, time and time again it is shown that using proper equipment is far superior to relying on what amount to “old wives' tales” for first aid methods.

One such method is the concept of packing tampons in your bug out first aid kit for use in plugging bullet wounds. This is such a widespread idea that you'd be hard pressed to find more than a few prepper sites that don't advocate it.

One medical professional has become fed up with the hype and is seeking to save lives with his own take on the method. Take a look at his two-cents on the next page.

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